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يمكنك التواصل بنا عبر الواتس آب والإستفسار عن خدماتنا
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Alzahri Poultry

About Al Zahri Poultry:

We put the idea

Set Goals

Drew the path

Gained experience

Gained trust

Achieved success

Then We got to the lead


Now , Al-Zaheri Poultry is one of the prominent and most important poultry farms in Yemen which involved in growing , producing and marketing poultry according to the highest international quality. The sublime position was a fruit of hard efforts and diligence set by the brothers founders Mohammed ,Hamid , Qaid and Khaled Al-Zaheri , the founders of this important economic entity.


On the same pioneer path of Alzaheri poultry management and its direction to develop poultry sector in order to provide the best services , it strived to qualify and train its professional cadre to gain further experiences and development in the field of growing , producing and marketing poultry. On the same direction , the company has contributed strongly to hold forums and activities , in partnership with the governmental agencies , to qualify and develop poultry sector in the countrywide.


Since the beginning, Al Zaheri Poultry has been and continues to be the leading national company in Yemen for in the field of poultry production as it imports raw materials such as corn, soya, concentrates, premixes , veterinary drugs and poultry equipment. It also produces poultry feed, broilers and layer chickens; we also produce poultry feeds, broiler chicks and broiler chickens and eggs for consumers. It also develops the poultry sector to meet all requirements such as feeds – chicks – raw materials – medicines, vaccines, concentrates and all the requirements of the poultry sector.

Those steps approached by the general administration of Al-Zaheri Poultry was the best choice to gain the trust and pioneership in the poultry sector and became the first poultry company to produce eggs. Currently, the Alzaheri Poultry produces 54,000 eggs per day , equivalent 1500 cartons per day and this is the vow determined by the management of Alzaheri Poultry since its foundation as a translation of its drawn goals.

Our goals and values:

One of the most important tasks and priorities of the General Management of Al-Zaheri Poultry was to achieve a number of goals set in its agenda since the beginning of its foundation:

o Providing our production services of broilers and eggs to the consumer with better quality and lower cost.


Meet the requirements of the poultry sector including chicks, feeds, poultry equipment, vaccines and veterinary drugs.


Contribute to increase the production process according to specifications to meet the needs of the consumer and combat monopoly.


Providing services, consultations and visions according to plans and specialized economic studies for the development of the poultry sector.


Cooperate with the governmental agencies concerned with the development of the poultry sector and providing the best services.


Contribute actively to the producing , processing and marketing through the establishment and construction of poultry projects in all governorates of the Republic.


Emphasizing the establishment of investment projects in the poultry sector in partnership with the national and foreign capital.


Working with a sincere vision to promote the poultry sector in light of global competition.


Seeking to provide employment opportunities for young Yemeni cadres qualified to reduce unemployment.


Working in a team spirit according to the successful administrative system to achieve our goals.


Emphasize an active participation in the humanitarian projects and charitable works aimed at serving the individual, family and society.


Our Future Steps: