Our Advantages

Our success….. consumer trust achievement and high quality products.

We are distinguished ever at Al-Zaheri Poultry to provide the best services and products according to the productive and servicing specifications with low prices to meet the needs of the customers in the poultry sector and meet the requirements of consumers under a strong competition.


We are also distinguished by importing the raw materials including poultry fodders with huge quantities of corn , soya , concentrates , premixes , veterinary drugs and vaccines from the best international suppliers as well as poultry equipment with affordable prices. /strong>


We are also distinguished by high quality products provided by Al-Zaheri Poultry including

high nutrient value and quality eggs


broilers Chicken

Oviparous Chicken

Chicken Mothers

Poultry Feed

Such excellence and success was a real motivation for us to exert further efforts to be the best within this vital sector

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