Our history

the year 1983 represented the inauguration of the first nucleus of Al- Zaheri Poultry Farms, the first national company to produce eggs in the Republic of Yemen, which completed the construction, development and expansion of its industrial system in the poultry sector in stages as follows:

Establishment of the broiler chicken project at Beer Zaher , Sana'a

Establishment of the first project of broiler layers (eggs)

Establishment of the second project of broiler chickens (eggs) with greater capacities and production

Purchase of broiler breeders in Taiz Governorate

purchasing four projects comprising 20 warehouses of Al-Amiri Poultry Company in Al-Hataresh area in Sana'a.Purchasing a new feedsilo, which is the first kind in Yemen with a German brand ,its production capacity is 10 tons per hour and a storage capacity of 2200 tons.

purchasing a modern incubator in the area of Al-Barh in Taiz province of Al-Amiri Poultry which is one of the most advanced incubators in the Middle East and the region at that time and includes a collection of modern incubators in one site with a capacity of 44000000(forty-four million eggs annually).

The purchase of the project of mothers (the second project), which includes 14 fourteen bunkers in Beit Jafar, Sana'a, with a production capacity of 55,000 five thousand and fifty thousand

Establishment of 4 poultry feed silos , three of them are in Sana'a with a production capacity of 30 tons per hour and the fourth feedsilo is located in Hodeidah in partnership with the national capital , its production capacity is 60 tons per hour.

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